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Sergey Vrazhevskiy, General Director of agricultural cooperative "Ural" noted the importance of quality forage production for cattle.

"Milk production will increase if we are able to insure quality of harvested forages for cows, said Sergey Vrazhevskiy in conversation with the correspondent of The DairyNews. – Here, the key role is played by own production of forages, imported ingredients are very expensive, and it is unprofitable to use them. If this year corn is not harvested in the right quality and quantity (as it was last year), and most importantly – if the weather conditions do not allow to harvest it, we should not expect the increase in milk".

Andrey Blinov, General Director of JSC "Breeding plant "Yaroslavka", in his turn, noted the prospects for the growth of milk production in Russia: "This has its prerequisites: for example, in Russia, a lot of mega-complexes, megafarms are being built, they are constructed one after another. And they are built by very large market players, for example, “EkoNiva”. Therefore, yields will rise for sure", - said Andrey Blinov.

At the same time, the expert pointed out a number of problems associated with this, for example – why simultaneously with the growth of milk production, there is growing the supply of vegetable fats to Russia, in particular palm oil. "This is the key point - why we simultaneously with the increase in milk yields continue to supply large quantities of palm oil. Despite the fact that since recently there was introduced "Mercury". This remains a mystery to me", the expert added.

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