Weekly inflation in Russia remains at 0.2% for the third week in a row

Источник: tass.ru
Inflation in Russia for the period from April 27 to May 4 was 0.2%, according to Rosstat data. Thus, inflation remained at 0.2% for the third week in a row.

Since the beginning of April, consumer prices have increased by 0.8%, since the beginning of the year - by 2.9%. In annual terms, inflation as of May 4, 2021 (according to calculations using the average daily data for the current and last year on similar dates) was 5.85%.

According to Rosstat, during the reporting week, prices increased: for lamb - by 1.3%, pork - by 0.6%, beef, buckwheat and margarine - by 0.5%, caramel, lunches in canteens, cafes, snack bars (except for canteens in organizations) - by 0.4%, semi-smoked and cooked - smoked sausages, frozen whole fish and infant formula - by 0.3%, rye and wheat bread, pasteurized milk, sour cream, black tea, canned meat and fruit and berry products for baby food - by 0.2%, cooked sausage, UHT milk, rennet cheeses, cookies, canned meat and vegetables for baby food, vermicelli, rice - by 0.1%.

Chicken eggs in the country rose on average by 0.4%, including in 37 regions of the Russian Federation – by 0.1-1%, in 12 regions - by 1.1-2%, in 7 regions - 2.1-3.9%. In 6 regions, prices for chicken eggs have not changed. Prices decreased by 0.1-0.9% in 12 regions, and by 1-6.4% in 11 regions.

Prices for sugar in Russia increased on average by 0.1%. In 31 regions of the Russian Federation, prices increased by 0.1-0.6%, in 10 regions - by 0.7-5.9%. Prices have not changed in 30 regions. In 14 regions, prices for sugar decreased by 0.1-1.2%.

Sunflower oil rose on average by 0.5%. In 26 regions of the Russian Federation, prices increased by 0.1-0.5%, in 25 regions - by 0.6-3.1%. In 23 regions, prices did not change. In 11 regions, prices decreased by 0.1-0.8%.

Prices for fruit and vegetable products increased by an average of 1.7%, including cucumbers - by 7.6%, white cabbage - by 4.0%, potatoes - by 2.5%, carrots - by 2.4%, onions - by 1.3%, tomatoes - by 0.3%, apples - by 0.1%.

Prices for millet decreased by 0.4%, wheat flour - by 0.3%, fat cottage cheese and pasta - by 0.2%, chicken meat, glazed chocolates - by 0.1%.

Prices for butter, sausages, salt and vodka have not changed.

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