Vladimir Koshmanov: the dairy market is changing in favor of farmers

Источник: The DairyNews
Vladimir Koshmanov, a well-known farmer from Kaluga region, who is currently auctioning a dairy farm with milking robots, said that the market is changing in favor of farmers.

On the official Facebook page, he said that a large company offered him a base price for milk of 29 rubles.

‘With our protein and fat, it would cost 35-36 rubles per kg of raw milk! If I could, I would restart my farm. There are really changes in the market that I have not seen before and these changes are in favor of the farmer. They said there wasn't enough milk. Imagine, the largest dairy company calls a small farmer! - wrote Vladimir Koshmanov.

We will remind that the peasant farm holding Kokhman is located in Kaluga region in Zhizdra district. The land plot allows you to build two more farms for 140-280 cows and increase the livestock to 420 head of dairy cattle.

‘During the construction of the farm in 2014-2016, about 147 million rubles were invested. The estimated cost of the farm at the moment is about 104 million rubles. I am ready to sell the farm for 74 million rubles. Reasonable bargaining is negotiable,’ says Vladimir Koshmanov, emphasizing that in the first year he is ready to help the new owner with advice.


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