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As it follows from the letter, "VDNH is the main exhibition platform for demonstrating domestic and world achievements in the field of agriculture, the organizers are confident that many years of experience and strong ties with industry organizations and public authorities allow to maintain the concept of the exhibition "AgroFarm" and create the most comfortable conditions for participation".

Also the letter reports that the German partner DLG announced the withdrawal from the organizers of the exhibition.

Earlier, with reference to the official website of "DLG RUS" The DairyNews reported that the exhibition "AgroFarm" will no longer be held at the site of VDNH. The company stressed that it is the owner of the trademark "АгроФарм"/"AgroFarm". 

DLG commented: "We sincerely thank JSC “VDNH” for the long-term partnership and look forward to further relations that could become the basis for new mutually beneficial formats of cooperation in the future. Using rich experience and relying on the competence of DLG – a leading expert in the field of agriculture and the organization of major exhibitions in the field of agriculture around the world, we are pleased to inform you about the opening of a new project that combines the accumulated experience of key world and Russian exhibition events EuroTier, AGRITECHNICA, АгроФарм/AgroFarm, Agrotech Russia".

DLG also reported that "the new project will start in Moscow from 29 to 31 January 2020 at the exhibition site of Crocus Expo with the participation of leading Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, equipment and technologies for agriculture."

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16 дней до ЭВС

16 дней осталось до введения обязательной электронной ветсертификации (ЭВС) на всю готовую молочную продукцию. The DairyNews узнало мнения участников рынка о системах “прослеживаемости", которые согласно постановлению властей, будут контролировать отрасль от производства сырого молока до его переработки и реализации.
Колос, ООО
Адрес:  Удмуртская респ., Можгинский район, д. Малая Сюга, ул. Дубовская, д. 21 
Дружба, ООО
Адрес:  Удмуртская респ., Увинский район, с. Булай, ул. Ленина, д. 15 
Агровиль, ООО
Адрес:  Удмуртская респ., г. Ижевск, ул. Карла Либкнехта, д. 14 кв. пом. 11 
Талдомский молочный завод, ООО
Адрес:  Московская обл., Талдомский район, д. Павловичи, д. 65