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"Today, the Republic of Udmurtia within the framework of the concept of development of the dairy industry is steadily moving to increase the volume of processing and production of milk. And we are talking about the production of marketable milk. Therefore, this project is extremely important for us", said Olga Abramova, Minister of agriculture and food of the Udmurt Republic, in a conversation with the correspondent of The DairyNews. 

Now the project is in the stage of settlement of administrative issues and preparation for the active phase of construction; on the territory of the future plant earthworks are carried out, as well as works to improve the infrastructure of the area. Part of these works was taken over by the Ministry of agriculture and food of the Republic.

"At the moment, we provide administrative support to “UVA-Moloko, accompany this project at the stage of settlement of administrative issues and obtaining the necessary permits", said Olga Abramova. - For our part, we are ready to provide them with both financial and economic support, including infrastructure issues – for example, we will organize the roadway for the plant, the construction of sewage facilities". 

According to the representative of “UVA-Moloko”, the project is implemented at the expense of borrowed funds, as well as at the expense of the company's own funds.

"Currently, measures of state support are out of the question, the construction will be carried out at the expense of our own and borrowed funds. However, I would like to note that in this matter we are working in close cooperation with the Ministry of agriculture and food, they provide us with active assistance, - said Alexander Emshanov, head of LLC "Trading house "UVA-Moloko". - We also signed a road map with the Ministry, according to which the regional authorities took over part of the infrastructure work. We expect that these obligations will be fulfilled, we in turn guarantee the fulfillment of our obligations".

The Ministry of agriculture and food of the Republic also expressed the possibility of providing state support, including the provision of preferential loans to the plant.

"As already mentioned, this project is very important for our Republic. In financial matters, we will provide the company with all possible assistance at the expense of our investment fund. Also, I think, when the company has ready design and estimate documentation, we will get involved from the position of possible state support and preferential lending", - added Olga Abramova.

The launch of the plant is scheduled for 2021, there will be installed 2 cheese lines, producing 50 tons of cheese per day.

It is planned to reach the design capacity of 1200 tons of processed milk per day in 2024-2026.

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