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Today in Sevsk, Bryansk region, there took place the Grand opening of a new workshop for the production of mozzarella, Suluguni and Cecil cheeses.

"We are observing a significant event, - said the Governor of Bryansk region Alexander Bogomaz. - It's nice to see that Bryansk region is developing, and largely thanks to such enterprises as "Umalat". The cheeses produced here will be supplied to our shelves and to near and far abroad countries. This will have a positive impact on the life of the population of Bryansk region, and on the life of the region as a whole."

Today the company “Umalat” occupies 5.6% of the market in terms of production of fresh cheeses in Russia. The capacity of the new line is 200 tons of milk processing per day. According to the company, the new workshop will increase the production of fresh cheeses 2.5 times and compete with the favorites of the cheese industry - Hochland, Lactalis and Karat.

"We are considered to be one of the largest Russian producers of white cheeses, created with strict observance of traditional recipes, - said the General Director of the company Alexey Martynenko. - Production is carried out under the control of both domestic and Italian technologists".

According to Alexey Martynenko, the secret of success of "Umalat" is in the presence of a well-thought-out strategy, recipe and disciplined execution of their powers by all employees of the company for many years.

Construction of the shop was carried out within the framework of the project for the reconstruction of the plant since 2017.

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