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"Today we occupy 5.6% of the fresh cheese market in Russia, which corresponds to the 4th place among Russian cheese makers", - said Alexey Martynenko. – Ahead of us there are such "monsters" as Hochland (21.9 %), Lactalis (8.9%) and Karat (5.8%). But I am sure that with the launch of this shop at full capacity, we will be able to go up to the 2nd place". 

As previously reported by The DairyNews, the reconstruction of the Umalat plant has been conducted since 2017. Investments in the project currently amount to 1 billion rubles.

During this time, a lot of work has been done, and the new shop can be called one of the most technologically advanced in Russia. In addition to workshops for the production of mozzarella, there was built machine shop, there was installed new tank equipment, CIP washing and whey concentration system.

The company has almost complete automation of production – 3 people are working at each of 2 new functioning lines – 1 cheese maker and 2 operators.

It is noteworthy that there is an automatic machine for the production of Caciocavallo cheese – there are only 6 such machines in the world.

There is used the technology of dry salting, belt drainers. Two types of melting machines are used in the production – steam and water.

In "Umalat" a lot of attention is paid to cleanliness – in the shop there are installed the world's best HEPA filters for the separation of bacteria from starter culture. For 2 years, a lot of work was carried out on the construction of treatment facilities – now one is functioning, during the year an additional facility for 1250 tons will be put into operation. Biological treatment provides treatment of all wastewater of Sevsk - water enters the river, passing 5 stages of treatment – mechanical, reagent, biological, sand filter and disinfection.

The new mozzarella shop will produce 200 tons of Unagrande and Pretto cheeses per day. As previously reported by The DairyNews with reference to the Governor of Bryansk region Alexander Bogomaz, produced cheeses will be supplied to the shelves of Russian stores and to near and far abroad countries.

Alexey Martynenko bought the plant in Sevsk in 2003. For 13 years he managed to modernize it from "bare walls" and bring it to the TOP producers of fresh cheeses in Russia: over the past 7 years, the company's revenue has grown almost 6 times and amounted to 2.8 billion rubles.

"The company has a great future. I have been working with Alexey for a long time and I know that this man puts production in the first place. And today we are convinced of this", concluded Alexander Bogomaz.

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У отрасли есть время чтобы подготовиться к маркировке готовой молочной продукции, уверены в ЦРПТ. Алексей Сидоров, руководитель товарной группы «Молоко», ЦРПТ в комментарии The DairyNews подчеркнул, что интеграция систем «Меркурий» и «Честный знак», и работа через «одно окно» исключит дополнительную нагрузку на представителей отрасли.
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