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According to Andrey Zinukov, Deputy General Director for foreign economic activity of JSC Management Company of the holding Gomel meat and dairy company, the potential of the southern region has grown.

- Seeing how Ukraine has moved to the status of a net importer of dairy products, and also considering that it is close to us "on the shelf", we can say that our milk will be present there more and more. This is our promising sales market. Previously, our company has already made deliveries in this direction. Then the market was more competitive – said Andrey Zinukov.

The expert also added that no one would make ryazhenka or kefir like in Belarus. "Yes, European companies can compete with us in the production of equipment, but not in the production of milk. This is a market that requires a specific product. If we don’t supply it there, Europe will do it’, – said Andrey Zinukov.

Mikhail Serkov, General Director of the management company of the holding Concern Brestmyasomolprom, also considers the Ukrainian market to be new and interesting, but notes that it is inappropriate to compete with local producers when prices are inflated due to higher product quality.

Alexey Bogdanov, head of the Main Department of foreign trade of the Ministry of agriculture and food of the Republic of Belarus, also noted that Ukraine annually reduces the production of its own milk. Previously, Belarusian companies competed with Ukrainian manufacturers, and today they compete with European ones, as the number of European products in this market has significantly increased.

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