Турция 08.12.2015

Turkish export of cheese and cottage cheese to Russia reached 198.5507 tons in 2015

Источник: The DairyNews
A year after Turkey was licensed to export dairy products to Russia, supplies of lactose and cottage cheese to our country grew by 44% and 85% respectively, as calculated by The Center for the Study of Dairy Market of "The DairyNews"​.
At the end of November Russia imposed food embargo on some products from Turkey after Su-24 frontline bomber of the Russian aviation group in Syria crashed in the Syrian territory.

Among the embargoed products are 17 items, among which are parts and by-products of dressed chicken and turkey, the majority of vegetables and fruit. It was decided not to ban supplies of dairy products, but taking into account the potential deterioration in relations between the countries, future of dairy exports from Turkey to Russia is questionable.

Turkey ranks 15th among exporters of dairy products in the world (1.21% of global export) and 35th – among importers of this kind of commodities (0.43% of global import). According to UN Comtrade, in 2014 export of dairy products from Turkey totaled $732 900 940 in terms of value (0.46% of export), import of dairy products reached $192 697 356 (0.08% of import). The biggest share in the structure of dairy exports from this country belongs to cheese.

In 2015 volume of dairy products export from Turkey to Russia totaled 750.783824 tons at the amount of $1832980.03.

Turkish dairy products export pattern in 2014 was dominated by group of commodities under the HS Code 1901909100, export share of lactose reached 30,75% (by volume), cheese and cottage cheese – 5.22% (by volume).

In 2015 the country’s dairy products export pattern experienced changes: milk, concentrated and not concentrated cream disappeared, share of group under the HS Code 1901909100 decreased to 39.7%. Share of lactose and cheese and cottage cheese increased to 33.70% and 26.45% respectively. The fastest rate of growth in exports was fixed in the category “cheese and cottage cheese”. In 2014 Turkish companies exported 29.69 tons of cheese and cottage cheese to Russia, in 2015 this type of export increased to 198.5507 tons.

Turkish suppliers are interested in exports of dairy products to Russia, but are likely to face (and are facing) such problems, as decrease of Russian demand, competition from other countries and to a greater extent influence of political factors on trade relations between countries.

В понедельник стало известно, что между основателем компании «ЭкоНива», крупнейшего производителя молока в России, Штефаном Дюрром, и Россельхозбанком возникли серьезные корпоративные разногласия. Собственник оспорил в суде соглашения, по которым кредитор компании, Россельхозбанк, мог выкупить доли в бизнесе по номиналу.
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