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"The next step of our development in China is the opening of our own production. We already brought the Russian equipment, — he told. — After the October holidays (the 70th anniversary of the PRC will be celebrated from 1 to 7 October — note by TASS) our engineers will arrive there, and we will start installing the equipment, and by the end of the year we will start the production of sour cream, cottage cheese and curd cheese".

According to the Head of the representative office, the dairy plant will be located in the area of the administrative center of Shandong in the city of Jinan. Investments in the project are distributed equally with the local partner. As Popovich explained, his company has been cooperating with China for more than 10 years, but the last four or five years, the main emphasis was on the export of raw materials to local food factories, which, with the technological support of colleagues from the Russian Federation, produced and continue to produce some traditional Russian products for local consumers. Recently, the Russian company decided to start an independent sale of goods with higher added value in China.

"The Chinese market is very large, as well as our expectations. At the same time, the Chinese market is very demanding, and the quality of products must be adjusted to the Chinese consumer, — he said. — Moreover, dairy products have been strictly controlled in China since 2008, but we have already received all the necessary documents, we have passed all the stages. So now it is a very important moment for us — to adjust the quality of products to ensure that they are well received here".

The entrepreneur believes that the Chinese market is the most promising of all existing. As he explained, in Europe the system of buyers and sellers has already been formed, there are clear concepts of assortment, product quality, market leaders, so "it is very difficult for the new supplier to fit in". "The dairy industry in China is still developing, and very actively. They are still in search of those products that can be popular here and be present on the market for many years", said the representative of “Soyuzsnab”.

As Popovich said, thanks to the arrival of Russian manufacturers, in recent years a new category of products has appeared in China, which was not previously known here, and for some dairy products there were not even terms and symbols in the Chinese language. We are talking about ryazhenka (fermented baked milk), curd cheese, matsoni. "Now it is the very moment when you need to take all the steps: to appear here, to declare yourself and bring some new products", he concluded.

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Маркировка пищевой продукции: зачем оно нам?

15 июля Минпромторг РФ запустил эксперимент по маркировке готовой молочной продукции. Более 30 компаний, отважившихся принять участие в эксперименте, по-видимому, узрели в этой инициативе пользу для отрасли. В то же время о своем участии официально заявили только несколько из них: молочный завод “Вакинское Агро”, ГК “Галактика”, «Шахунское молоко», Курское молоко, Пискаревский молочный завод.
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