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"Such doubts are not reasonable. The Rosselkhoznadzor and the Ministry of industry and trade are working closely on the integration of the two systems. Failures and complications for companies that carry out the relevant preparation for a new format are not expected", – noted Ms. Melano.

Earlier, “The Kommersant” reported that the integration of “Mercury” system of the Rosselkhoznadzor with the labelling of finished dairy products raised questions among businesses. Thus, the Foreign investment Advisory Board warned the Ministry of economic development that the scheme is not clearly described, and some of the functions of the systems are duplicated, which can lead to additional costs for manufacturers.

In February, the Association of retail companies (ACORT) told RNS that retailers do not support the draft order of the Ministry of agriculture on the inclusion of finished dairy products in the electronic veterinary certification system "Mercury". In their opinion, the expansion of the list of controlled goods in the system can lead to an increase in costs in the preparation of veterinary and accompanying documentation by a third.

The press service of the Ministry of agriculture told RNS that the Ministry does not expect interruptions and delays in the delivery of finished dairy products to retail outlets as a result of the introduction of the system. A similar point of view was expressed by the Deputy Minister of industry and trade Viktor Evtukhov, whose words were conveyed to RNS by the press service of the Ministry of industry and trade.

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Погодный фактор: куда пойдет цена на молоко

2020 год не перестаёт приносить сюрпризы. Падение рубля, цен на нефть, затяжная пандемия коронавируса сменяется наступлением аномальных погодных условий в ряде крупнейших молочных регионов страны.
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Георгиевский, СПК
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Мошковский молочный завод, ООО
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