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We will remind that in March this year The DairyNews published an article on dairy drinks from Europe on the shelves of the shops with a high content of milk in the composition. As an example, there was taken the product under the TM "M&M's", on the bottle of which it is reported in English that the drink is called “Chocolate flavored milk drink" and it includes 62% of semi-skimmed milk. This ingredient is in the first place in the content of the drink, the second - recombinant whey (from milk) - 28%. Next - fructose, sugar, modified starch, cocoa powder with a reduced fat content (0.7%), cocoa powder (0.5%), stabilizers, flavors, salt.

Then there was a discrepancy between the Russian-language label and the composition on the original packaging: for example, on the label of the product purchased in the network “CITY” it is indicated that the product “Chocolate flavored milk drink M&M's" includes sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, sweet whey powder, vegetable fats, butter, etc.

On the label of the product with the same name, purchased in the “Azbuka vkusa”, it is reported that it consists of milk of 1.5% fat (57%), caramel, glucose, palm fat, skimmed milk powder.

Later a distributor of the products in Moscow contacted The DairyNews and explained that the disparity of labels is confirmed after an official investigation and is the result of a mistake of an employee of the warehouse.

However, the further continuation of the story was much more interesting. It was not possible to contact directly the importer of LLC "Alliance Group", the Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow and Moscow region forwarded a media request to the office of the Rospotrebnadzor in St. Petersburg, which conducted an investigation and told The DairyNews the following: in respect of LLC "Alliance group there was initiated a case of administrative offense. In the framework of the administrative investigation it is established that at the address specified on the label (Krasnoputilovskaya street, 64) there is a residential building and there are not any organizations there".

The Rospotrebnadzor also announced that there is no data about the importer in the registry of notifications about the beginning of entrepreneurial activities.

In this regard, the information is sent for action to the Inspection of the Federal tax service to resolve the issue of the absence of a legal entity at the place of registration. The importer of dairy drinks from Europe turned out to be a Ghost, which is often found by the Rospotrebnadzor. The service is currently trying to determine the location of the warehouse and conducting further investigations.

Meanwhile, the supply of dairy drinks continues - they are quite easy to find in shopping centers and in most stores in major cities (not only the capital). The DairyNews continues to monitor the situation.

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