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At the moment, 129 people from 24 regions of Russia are registered to participate in the Motor Rally. Besides, the Motor Rally "Way to milk!"will be attended by representatives of Belarus, Ukraine and Poland.

According to the organizers, the participants of the VIII All-Russian Motor Rally will drive 1,700 kilometers through cities and villages, visit dairy farms and dairy plants located in amazing regions: in Kirov region, the republics of Udmurtia and Bashkiria.

During the Motor Rally in the regions there will be held meetings with the best producers and processors of milk, representatives of the authorities, journalists. Experts will discuss the prospects for the development of the dairy industry in the region.

According to Mikhail Mishchenko, Director of the Russian Dairy Research Center (DIA), it is necessary to take part in the Motor Rally because it is an event that unites the industry and shows not only the whole country but also the whole world how market participants love their work.

- Each of the three regions that will be attended by the Motor Rally "Way to milk!"in 2019 is unique. Kirov region is one of the largest donor regions, suppliers of raw milk. The region is developing without major Federal subsidies. We will see the Kirovsky dairy plant and a large livestock complex "Doronichi". Udmurtia is the only region of the Russian Federation where today, without private farm holdings, there is produced more milk than in Soviet times including private farm holdings. We will be able to see how this is achieved. Bashkortostan is one of the most dairy regions of Russia in terms of both milk production and processing. We will also have a unique tour to the site Savencia - Belebeyevsky dairy plant. We will see how the plans of Bashkortostan for the development of raw milk production, traditional features of dairy farming are implemented, visit the farm "Neral-Matrix", the complex "EkoNiva" and the plant of one of the largest producers of dairy products - Rosmol. It is noteworthy that the Motor Rally will be opened and closed with dairy festivals in Kirov and Ufa. It is important that we will see our country, visit unique natural places, Ural foothills, the Kama coast, get acquainted with horse breeding and plunge into the culture of the regions of the Russian Federation, - concluded Mikhail Mishchenko.

"Milk portrait" of Kirov region

"Milk portrait" of Udmurtia"

Milk portrait" of Bashkortostan

View the route of the Motor Rally and register for the event

Organizers of the Motor Rally: The DairyNews and the Russian Dairy Research Center

Partners of the event:

Ministry of agriculture and food of Kirov region
Ministry of agriculture and food of the Udmurt Republic
Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Engineering Alliance
Agricultural Holding "Doronichi"
Department for International Trade - Eastern Europe and Central Asia Network (EECAN) GREAT Agritech Campaign

Sponsor of the event:

APK "Prodovolstvennaya programma (Food program)"

Media support:

Vyatskaya Guberniya (Vyatka Province)
New agriculture
Magazine "Perfect Agriculture"
Magazine "Chairman"


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