The rating of the largest milk processors in Russia includes all production sites of JSC ZDP

Источник: The DairyNews
The rating of 100 largest dairy companies in Russia 2020, compiled by the Dairy Intelligence Agency (DIA) and taking into account the amount of processed milk by enterprises for 2019, includes all production sites of JSC ZDP: Zelenodolsky dairy processing plant, as well as Buinsky and Chistopol branches, reported in the press service of the company to The DairyNews.

It is worth noting that earlier in 2018, Zelenodolsky and Buinsky plants were already included in the rating of the Dairy Intelligence Agency, and now Chistopol branch has joined them. The success of the plant was ensured by an increase in the volume of processed milk – in 2019, enterprises of ZDP processed 202,066 tons of raw milk: 79,600 tons in Zelenodolsk, 64,954 tons in Buinsk and 57,512 tons in Chistopol, which is a total of 40,529 tons more than in 2018.

The growth of indicators allowed the company to take the 13th place in the rating in terms of increasing processing volumes in Russia and the leading place among all enterprises of Tatarstan - in 2019, according to the Dairy Intelligence Agency, JSC ZDP processed 20% of all milk produced in the Republic.

It should be noted that according to the results of the study, the Republic of Tatarstan became the leader in the number of dairy processing plants included in the rating of the Dairy Intelligence Agency. Eight Republican enterprises became its participants.

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На прошлой неделе The DairyNews публиковало свежие данные доклада ФАО о развитии молочного рынка производство молока. Из доклада следует, что производство молока в мире будет расти примерно на 1,7% в год вплоть до 2030 года.
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