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"We usually have fluctuations from March to August, and they are quite serious, in some regions they reach 25%, milk prices decrease", Patrushev reminded. However, this year, he said, due to the regulation of the market and through the introduction of electronic veterinary certification system "Mercury», we managed to avoid spikes in milk prices.  

To date, the average price of milk is just over 24 rubles/kg, the Minister said. "This is basically a price that suits both milk producers and processors. It can be noted that the “Mercury” system works quite successfully and allows us to regulate the price of milk", Patrushev concluded. According to the Ministry of agriculture, since the beginning of the year Russia produced 18.5 million tons of raw milk, and at the end of the year the gross yield will be about 31 million tons against 30.6 million tons in 2018.

According to the operational data of the Ministry of agriculture, by August 29, on average, raw milk was sold by farmers at 24.02 rubles/kg against 24.7 rubles/kg at the end of February and 24.58 rubles/kg at the end of December 2018. CEO of Soyuzmoloko Artem Belov explained this stability by a number of factors, including a decrease in the seasonality of milk production, as well as the active position of the state in the fight against falsified dairy products (mass inspections, separation of products with milk fat substitutes on the shelf, changes in the technical regulations). One of the mechanisms to combat falsification was, according to the Ministry of agriculture, the system of mandatory veterinary certification "Mercury". Since July 1, 2018, it works for meat and fish products, since July 2019 it includes condensed milk, butter and cheeses, and since November 1, the system will cover the rest of the range of finished dairy products, including fermented dairy products and drinking milk. According to "Soyuzmoloko", large and medium-sized enterprises do not have serious problems while working with "Mercury". 

At a meeting with the President Patrushev also told about the course of the harvesting campaign in the country, which, according to him, takes place in the normal mode. "Almost 95 million tons of grain have already been harvested, and the yield we have this year is slightly better than last year - 29 kg/ha", - said Patrushev, reminding that the Ministry of agriculture predicts the total gross grain harvest at the level of 118 million tons - "slightly better" than in 2018. Winter sowing, the Minister said, is planned on the area of 17.5 million ha. At the same time fertilizer prices are at an acceptable level, assured the Head of the Ministry. "Farmers cope with the prices that we have. If prices somehow fluctuate more than in the normal mode, then we hold appropriate negotiations with producers of mineral fertilizers, agricultural producers, and find some balance to suit both", Patrushev assured.

As it follows from the operational data of the Ministry of agriculture, by September 11, there was harvested 96 million tons of grain in bunker weight, while the average yield did not reach 29 centners/ha and was at the level of 28.3 centners/ha (in 2018 on this date - 27.6 centners/ha). There was harvested 66.9 million tons of wheat with an average yield of 31.1 kg/ha, barley - 19.2 million tons, corn - 1.1 million tons. Sowing of winter crops was carried out on 7.9 million hectares or 45% of the projected area. Earlier, the President of the Russian Grain Union Arkady Zlochevsky pointed out that the total area of winter sowing can exceed the forecast of the Ministry of agriculture by 100-200 thousand hectares.

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