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On Thursday during a hot line, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that local Russian food brands that are produced by small farms need to be supported for their further development and promotion. Putin said that he would ask the head of the Ministry of agriculture Dmitry Patrushev to prepare proposals on this issue.

"The Ministry of agriculture will provide comprehensive support for the development of local brands of agricultural products", - said in turn in the agricultural Department.

The Ministry indicated that such goods as Bashkir honey, Vologda butter, Tula gingerbread or Belevsky pastille are widely known in Russia.

"Many of them have all chances to become widely known not only in our country, but all over the world", said in the Ministry of agriculture.

The Ministry of agriculture reminds that currently only 35 items related to food are registered in the state register of protected designation of origin.

"This is too little for such a country rich in traditions as Russia. Meanwhile, in each region you can find three or four products with geographical indicators that can potentially become drivers of development of agriculture and rural areas", added in the Ministry.

"Our task is to provide them with comprehensive support, and we are already doing it. In this sense, a good example is winemaking, which has made a qualitative leap in recent years. The production of wine from domestic grapes is growing; wines with protected geographical indication and protected designation of origin are becoming increasingly popular. In our opinion, the dissemination of such experience will be useful for other agricultural sectors", concluded in the Ministry of agriculture.

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2020 год не перестаёт приносить сюрпризы. Падение рубля, цен на нефть, затяжная пандемия коронавируса сменяется наступлением аномальных погодных условий в ряде крупнейших молочных регионов страны.
Бойко А.С., ГКФХ ИП (сыроварня Светлевар)
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Адрес:  Московская обл., г. Балашиха, ул. Советская, д. 36 
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