The Kremlin does not consider the lifting of restrictions in Moscow too rapid

Источник: The DairyNews
The Kremlin does not consider the lifting of restrictions related to coronavirus in Moscow too rapid.

"Why is it too rapid? Some restrictions remain, some restrictions will be lifted after another week or two, this is not a complete cancellation", said Dmitry Peskov, the press Secretary of the Russian President, to reporters on Tuesday, commenting on the decision of the mayor of the capital, Sergey Sobyanin, to lift the restrictions.

The Kremlin representative stressed that the heads of regions make decisions on the specifics of the regime due to the coronavirus, based on the opinion of experts.

The Kremlin also notes the increased discipline of Muscovites to comply with restrictions related to the spread of coronavirus. "There were times when the discipline in terms of compliance with epidemiological restrictions left much to be desired [in the capital], but as the level of public awareness increased, as there was a better understanding of the danger of this pandemic, this type of infection, of course, all restrictions were better observed", Peskov said.

We previously reported that starting from June 9, Moscow will lift restrictions on self-isolation, first of all, scheduled walks and passes will be canceled.

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