The introduction of milk labeling by Russia will open new niches for Belarusian producers - Myasnikovich

With the introduction of labeling of dairy products by Russia in 2021, new niches may open up for Belarusian producers. This opinion was expressed by the Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission Mikhail Myasnikovich in the program "Conversation with the President" on the Belarus 1 TV channel, BelTA reports.

‘Labeling of dairy products is a necessary thing. This is not bad for Belarus in principle. The Belarusian dairy industry is a top flight. We do not have falsified products of questionable quality. Therefore, as control over the quality and safety will be tightened all over common Eurasian space (and we have rather high quality of dairy products in Belarus), I think additional niches will open to us due to the fact that someone will not be allowed to these markets during the labeling,’ said Mikhail Myasnikovich.

However, this intention raises some doubts, added the head of the EEC Board. If we are talking about, for example, socially significant cheap goods, is it really necessary that these identification marks are present on every package, because "this is all a plus to the price"? asked Mikhail Myasnikovich. Therefore, our Russian colleagues promised to work out a group of products that will be labeled, but without changing the price. The costs will be borne by trade and the processing industry.

In addition, since it is not possible to divide the flows (cheese will be produced only for export or only for the domestic market), it will be necessary to label all products, and this requires a one-time capital expenditure for the purchase of equipment. This also amounts to millions of dollars, noted the Head of the EEC Board. ‘Therefore, we suggested, and Russia agreed to this: we are doing a pilot project, it ends in November, and in December we will sum up the results in order to eliminate the possible concerns that we have in the Commission and that the population expresses,’ he said. The working group that is involved in working out these mechanisms includes not only officials, but also dairy producers.

As for the strategic areas of development of the Eurasian integration until 2025, Mikhail Myasnikovich noted: the developed draft strategy closes a number of unresolved issues. First of all, this is project integration. ‘In addition to issues related to the regulation of internal trade in goods, services of the financial market, we are planning to transfer a lot to project financing,’ he said. ‘When we have Eurasian multinational corporations, then we will need less administrative resources to bring our economies closer together, because business interests will work.’

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