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"An important role in this was played by the strengthening of the ruble and the decline in prices for butter on the world market compared to last year. This allowed importers to reduce prices", the analyst said. 

According to Daria Snitko, today Russian suppliers are becoming less competitive, because the production costs of milk in Russia are growing. The reason for this is a significant rise in the cost of grain compared to last year.

"In general, the impact of imports on the dairy market remains not very large, but in some products with long shelf life, such as butter, imports will affect the balance and prices for a long time, as there is a shortage of local production", the expert stressed.

Earlier, The DairyNews reported an increase in supplies of butter, cheese and cottage cheese to Russia. At the same time, the growth of imports of dairy products in recent months is typical for a number of other countries: half of the increase fell on Belarusian suppliers, the imports of New Zealand and Argentina also significantly increased.

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