The Global Dairy Trade index rose by 3.9%

Источник: The DairyNews
At the first auction in 2021, held on January 5, the Global Dairy Trade index rose by 3.9%, reports The DairyNews.

It is worth noting that the index is growing for the fourth trading session in a row. The weighted average trading price on January 5 was $3,420.

Prices for dehydrated milk fat increased by 5.5% - the weighted average price reached $4,604.

Prices for increased by 7.2% to $4,526. At the same time prices for buttermilk increased by 6.9% to $2,876.

Prices for cheddar rose by 5% to $4,078. Prices for lactose rose by 7.4% to $1,044. Skimmed milk powder rose in price by 4.1% to $3,044.

Prices for whole milk powder increased by 3.1% to $3,306.

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