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Representatives of the regional government and city administration welcomed the participants of the festival and its guests.

— Milk is one of the main products in human life and raw material for hundreds of products, and for our region — also the main agricultural sector, — said Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of agriculture and food Alexey Kotlyachkov. — Kirov region produces more than 30 railway milk tanks per day, and it is famous far beyond the region. We have long planned to hold a holiday dedicated to the dairy industry. Thanks to arrival of the large-scale All-Russian dairy motor rally in our area, we managed to carry out it.

On the Theatre square there was a tasting fair of Vyatka dairy products. Its participants were a few dozen of milk processors of the region. Kirov cheeses were especially popular among the guests, and the children enjoyed a variety of natural Vyatka yogurts and cottage cheese.

Active zones also worked for the guests: attractions, family games, creative workshops and even a dummy of a cow that could be milked. The culmination of the festival was a massive sports race "For an honest liter". It was attended by about fifty people. The athletes had to overcome the distance of 100 meters with a full can of milk in their hands. Many competed with whole families; there was a separate race for children. The winners were awarded diplomas and prizes from the organizers of the festival. 

A few hours later a convoy "Way to milk!" appeared at the festival. About 150 crews of experts of the dairy market from all regions of Russia, near and far abroad came to Kirov region to get acquainted with the agricultural experience of the region.

The organizer of the Motor Rally, General Director of the Russian Dairy Research Center Mikhail Mishchenko, evaluating the festival, noted that it makes a great contribution to the promotion of milk and natural dairy products in the region and in Russia as a whole.

Alexey Kotlyachkov added that since now the festival would become an annual tradition in the regional center. It will be timed to the International children's day and world milk day, which are celebrated on June 1.

See the program of the Motor Rally.

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Organizers of the Motor Rally: The DairyNews and the Russian Dairy Research Center

Partners of the event:

Ministry of agriculture and food of Kirov region
Ministry of agriculture and food of the Udmurt Republic
Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Engineering Alliance
Agricultural Holding "Doronichi"
Department for International Trade - Eastern Europe and Central Asia Network (EECAN) GREAT Agritech Campaign

Sponsor of the event:

APK "Prodovolstvennaya programma (Food program)"

Media support:

Vyatskaya Guberniya (Vyatka Province)
Novoye selskoye khozyaystvo (New agriculture)
Magazine "Perfect Agriculture"
Magazine "Predsedatel (Manager)"

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