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The farm was opened in LLC “Rodina” in Mozhga district of the Udmurt Republic. As noted by the Director of the agricultural enterprise Peter Sannikov, the construction was carried out for about two years. More than 52 million rubles was invested in the project. - the complex is fully built at its own expense.

With its commissioning, LLC "Rodina" opens a new page of development – the enterprise moves to a progressive technology of free stall housing for cattle, adopts the world-recognized Israeli computerized system to manage the intensive production of milk. Moreover, the robotic forage pusher Lely will work at the new complex. Only five operators of machine milking will serve 400 cows in two shifts – everything is aimed at increasing milk production and improving working conditions of livestock specialists.

A new task for the team has already been announced – to increase the number of dairy cows by 100 heads. Today the milking herd of LLC “Rodina” includes 808 cows that provide a stable and high milk yield, and milk of the highest quality. In the last 14 years, the indicators of milk yield at the enterprise have never decreased. If in 2004 total milk yield was 2541 tons per year, and milk production per cow was 3497 kg, in 2018, these figures were 5360 t and 6700 kg, respectively. Peter A. Sannikov has been the director of the enterprise LLC “Rodina” for 14 years.

"The opening of each new facility is certainly a great holiday for us. We would like to have more such farms and such agricultural enterprises - economically strong, steadily developing and investing in their tomorrow", - said the Minister of agriculture and food of the Udmurt Republic Olga Abramova at the opening ceremony.

The Minister stressed that the Republic will continue to support innovative initiatives in the industry. As of 4 September of the current year 94.2 million rubles was allocated as a support measure for construction, modernization of dairy farms and equipping them with high-tech dairy equipment. In 2018, grants in the amount of 119.4 million rubles were allocated from the regional budget in this area.

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