The Center for advanced technology development (CATD): estimates of the investment of the dairy industry in labeling are overstated several times

Источник: The DairyNews
The press service of the CATD responded to The DairyNews, commenting on the statement of Soyuzmoloko on the unacceptance of the implementation of both labeling and electronic veterinary certification for finished products.

We will remind that according to Soyuzmoloko, the additional costs on implementation of labeling system will exceed 25 billion rubles of investment expenditures and about 20 billion rubles of annual operating expenses. The industry Association is confident that due to the declining incomes of the population, the cost of business for the introduction of "Mercury", the introduction of labeling threatens a significant increase in the cost of dairy products and the mass departure of small regional producers due to the unprofitability of production.

- The amount of investment in the labeling project on the part of both the system operator and the dairy industry can be announced only after the completion of the study of most production sites, this process has not been completed yet. But now it is already possible to tell that the presented estimates are overstated several times, - noted in a press-service of CATD.

The operator of the labeling system "Chestny znak (Honest sign)" stressed that the CATD has been working with the dairy industry since 2018; the working group includes more than 30 companies. They are manufacturers and retail chains, for example, "Galaktika", Unilever, "Vakinskoe Agro", "Shakhunskoe moloko", organic farm "Spartak", "Lenta", "Magnit", X5 Retail Group, the Internet-shop Ozon and others.

- The pilot project is an optimal opportunity for market participants to prepare for mandatory labeling in a comfortable mode and configure the integration of electronic veterinary certificates that control raw materials to the plant, and digital labeling, which will trace the finished product to the end user. The CATD, like the business community, is opposed to duplication of functions. Integration will allow systems to enrich each other without incurring additional costs for manufacturers, and retailers already working with digital labeling for other products will continue to benefit from their existing solutions. Data exchange will allow to carry out full tracking and to guarantee safety of products for the population, - commented in CADT.

Since July 1, electronic veterinary certification for finished dairy products has become mandatory. According to sources, it is expected that since March 2020, by the results of the pilot project there will be introduced labeling of finished products. The Government also gave instructions on the integration of the two systems.

The Rosselkhoznadzor stressed that they do not see any problems in the interaction of “Mercury” and the labeling system.

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