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"The system (of labeling) represents a serious high-load system, in which about 20 billion rubles will be invested by the end of this year", said Mikhail Dubin, Chairman of the CATD Board of Directors, during a "direct line" on labeling issues on Thursday.

The press service of the operator explained that it is about investments since the start of the project - since the summer of 2017. As part of the agreement on PPP in digital labeling of goods, which the Ministry of industry and trade and the CATD signed last year, the operator will invest about 220 billion rubles into the labeling system over 15 years. The payback period of the project is at least 7 years. It is planned that the labeling system will cover a significant part of commodity flows in Russia in the future.

The CATD is a joint project of USM by Alisher Usmanov (“USM Technologies”, 50%), the group of companies “Rostech” (the concern “Automatika”, 25%) and Alexander Galitsky's “Elvis-Plus group” (25%). Currently, the CATD is the operator of the information system for labeling tobacco products, as well as medicines, shoes and fur products. On July 1, Russia will introduce mandatory labeling of all medicines, shoes and tobacco products (cigarettes): since this date, the turnover of unlabeled shoes and tobacco will be prohibited, and medicines unlabeled before July 1 will be able to be sold before their expiration date.

"At the moment, the system is working under full load, about 15 billion codes have been issued, more than 220 thousand participants are now registered in the system. By industry: 64 thousand - is pharmaceutics, 55 thousand - shoes and 75 thousand - tobacco. At the same time, every day before July 1, the number of connections exceeds a thousand new companies, respectively, these figures are growing quite quickly", said Dubin.

Registration of cigarette manufacturers and retailers in the labeling system began on March 1, 2019, and the release of unlabeled products was banned on July 1 of the same year. Participants of the shoe market started registering in the labeling system on July 1 last year. On October 1, 2019, labeling became mandatory for medicines from the list of high-cost nosologies.

According to the reports of LLC “Operator-CATD”, its revenue last year amounted to 2,716 billion rubles. In the income structure on revenue from labeling tobacco products accounted for 2.66 billion rubles. Another 54.792 million rubles were earned by the CATD due to the labeling of shoes. Revenues from drug labeling amounted to 325 thousand rubles.

Since October 2020, Russia will introduce mandatory labeling of cameras and flash lamps, perfumes and toilet water, since December 15 - tires, since January 1, 2021 - certain categories of light industry goods. Currently, pilot projects are also being implemented for labeling dairy products (the start of mandatory labeling is planned for 2021) and drinking water.

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