Stefan Duerr: If purchasing power doesn't grow in 2021, cheese consumption will decrease

Источник: The DairyNews
President of GC EkoNiva Stefan Duerr believes that in 2021, the demand for whole milk products should not change much, writes The DairyNews.

According to the expert, the consumption of this segment is rather inelastic. This is due to the fact that even with reduced purchasing power, people still consume dairy products.

- Perhaps the consumption of yoghurts and cheeses will be reduced, I'm afraid that people will not be able to afford them. In Russia, the consumption of cheese is already quite low. But if the hostess has, for example, 100 rubles in her pocket, with which she can buy either chicken or cheese for the same price, then she will certainly buy a chicken that can feed the whole family, and not cheese for 100 rubles, - believes Stefan Duerr.

According to him, if purchasing power does not increase, there will be a big gap in cheese consumption. Recently, consumer incomes have been declining, while food prices have been increasing.

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