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This 33rd edition will address the major issues affecting agriculture, and in particular the livestock sector, a few days after the G7 summit and a few weeks after the publication of the IPCC report. The crucial issue of climate change, which will guide the future of agriculture at the global level, is also in the spotlight this year at SPACE. Our farmers are the first to be concerned by these challenges and are already committed to finding solutions. The Espace for the Future will embody this commitment.

The agro-ecological transition is under way. Livestock farmers have made considerable efforts to change their practices, and this has already yielded results and set our agricultural model on the right path. French agriculture has been named the "Most Sustainable Model Worldwide" according to the food sustainability index published by "The Economist". In terms of food loss and waste, nutritional challenges and sustainable agriculture, the criteria measured by the study, our farmers are clearly in the vanguard.

Despite the very strong commitment to working on these issues, our farmers are going through a period of uncertainty, doubt and discouragement following the successive, ongoing attacks they are subjected to. 

In addition to these difficulties, the projected negative impacts of the CETA and especially the MERCOSUR international free trade agreements are also weighing them down, aggravating the climate of uncertainty and fears for the future profitability of our sector.

And yet, livestock farming is a truly 21st century sector that is constantly evolving, dedicated to feeding people while protecting the planet. 

SPACE will once again be the key event of the autumn, where everyone involved in the livestock sector can meet at this exciting Expo, which reflects the positive image they have of their profession. Livestock farmers tell us that coming to SPACE restores their pride and confidence in their profession.

SPACE will once again demonstrate how our agriculture is a 21st century sector with the ability to evolve. It will also address the concerns and commitment of our livestock farmers to live up to society’s expectations. 

During the four-day event, visitors and exhibitors from France and around the world will bring their enthusiasm and determination to build and discover the 2019 version of our "Planet Livestock".


Российские переработчики молока уходят в минус

Крупнейшие российские производители молочной продукции работают в минус. Динамика ключевых производителей показывает отрицательный результат как в натуральном выражении, так и в денежном. Об этом со ссылкой на данные международных аналитических агентств сообщили в ходе Молочного бизнес-форума в Сочи, пишет The DairyNews.
Красная Балтика ПЗ, АО
Адрес:  Ленинградская обл, Ломоносовский район, д. Гостилицы, ул. Центральная, д. 7 
Льговская опытно-селекционная станция, ФГБУ
Адрес:  Курская обл., г. Льгов, ул. О.Кошевого, д. 1 
Знаменское учхоз, АО
Адрес:  Курская обл., г. Курск, ул. Понизовка, д. 52 
Каприно, ООО (Лаишевский молочный комбинат)
Адрес:  Республика Татарстан (Татарстан), Лаишевский район, с Столбище, ул Северная, 10