"Soyuzmoloko.Siberia" appealed to the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation with a warning about the local crisis of overproduction of raw milk

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Industrial Association "Soyuzmoloko.Siberia" sent a letter to the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation with a warning about the growing local crisis of overproduction of raw milk in an unstable socio-economic and epidemiological situation. This was told by the General Director of the holding "MolSib", a member of the Board of SOYUZMOLOKO, Chairman of the Board of “Soyuzmoloko.Siberia” Igor Eliseenko, writes The DairyNews.

Gross production of raw milk in Novosibirsk region is growing at a serious pace, the region produces about two thousand tons of commercial milk every day. The lack of dairy processing enterprises has led to the fact that more than half of Novosibirsk milk is processed in neighboring regions - mainly in Altai region, Omsk and Kemerovo regions. At the same time, due to the unfavorable situation with the spread of coronavirus infection, demand for milk and dairy products fell among the population and in the practically non-working HoReCa segment.

Dairy processing enterprises in the region note a drop in demand for their products by 10-20%. Stocks in warehouses for the main categories of finished products are growing. For example, the largest processor in Altai region Agroholding "Stolitsa Moloka" today has about 3.5 thousand tons of butter in storage, which is about 40% more than last year.

- At the same time, the Russian and Siberian markets are actively supplied with cheap dairy products from the Republic of Belarus. In light of all this, we are extremely afraid of a critical decline in purchasing prices for raw milk and a crisis of non-payments. We believe that in order to reduce the volatility of the milk market and prevent the "dumping" of dairy livestock, it is necessary to reduce the supply of cheeses, butter and milk powder from Belarus, - said Igor Eliseenko.

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