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We will remind, since July 1 electronic veterinary certification (EVC) of the finished dairy products has become mandatory in Russia. At the same time, on November 1, EVC will extend to the entire commodity nomenclature of dairy products - and the basic volume will fall on the whole-milk group. It is assumed that after November 1, the number of issued electronic veterinary accompanying documents will be about 150 million certificates per month for the dairy category.

At the same time, since mid-July, an experiment on labeling of finished dairy products has been conducted. It is expected that it can become mandatory and integrate with the EVC system “Mercury" by March 2020.

In July the milk processing company "Syrny Dom (Cheese house)" transferred the entire range of products, including cheeses and whole milk products, to the account in the system of electronic veterinary certification "Mercury". That is, before the deadline, without dividing the process into "2 waves".

- As for the labeling experiment, the question of participation is still being considered and currently, we collect information and perform a number of processes in the test mode. In order to decide on the potential integration of these systems, first, it is necessary to evaluate fully the effectiveness of “Mercury”, which will take time, before decisions can be made to adjust the certification approach. In addition, the equipment for labelling is very expensive, so the simultaneous use of two systems can become a significant financial burden, which will simply displace small producers from the market, - said Sergey Lyban.

According to the Agricultural Committee of the Federation Council, labeling will require up to 300 billion rubles a year. These costs are likely to be the responsibility of consumers. At the same time, Soyuzmoloko estimates that the dairy industry will have to spend about 20 billion rubles for labeling of finished products. The operator of labeling "The Center for advanced technology development" does not agree with such estimates, but the pilot project on labeling has just started and its results will be known not earlier than at the beginning of next year.

Interview with the general director of the milk processing company "Syrny Dom (Cheese house)" can be read soon on The DairyNews.

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