Russia is high marginal buyer of dairy products for Uruguay – Maxim Fasteev

Источник: The DairyNews
Russia is a high-margin buyer of dairy products for Uruguay due to the export of "expensive" butter and cheeses. This was stated by the leading analyst of “Infagro” Maxim Fasteev in the official telegram channel, writes The DairyNews.

The top 3 export destinations of Uruguayan dairy products by value over the past year (million USD FOB) are as follows.

1. Algeria 191 million USD (29%)

2. Brazil 132 million USD (20%)

3. Russia 111 million USD (17%).

- It’s interesting to know, in the dairy equivalent (at least, according to the authors of the report - INALE), the Russian destination is "only" 8%, which is lower than China, - said Maxim Fasteev. - If you look at the range of exported products, the main export position to Algeria, Brazil and China is whole milk powder (LPE in Spanish). The share of the Russian Federation in the whole milk powder is on a level with Cuba, only 8%. The main product of Russian imports from Uruguay in 2019 (however, and in previous years) are dairy fats, or butter (Manteca in Spanish). And here Russia is a monopoly – 85% of all foreign sales of Uruguayan butter in monetary terms. There are also large volumes of trade between Uruguay and Russia for cheeses – 20% of the market (in monetary terms), after Mexico and Brazil. 

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