Russia increased exports of meat and dairy products by 21% - Agroexport

Источник: The DairyNews
Russia increased exports of meat and dairy products by 21%, to $ 267 million, reported in the press service of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Agroexport to The DairyNews.

At the same time, the cost of a ton of these products increased by 10% and amounted to $ 1,804.

The main importer of Russian meat and dairy products is China: exports to China amounted to $ 72 million. Exports to Ukraine amounted to $ 43 million, to Saudi Arabia - $ 14 million, to Kazakhstan - $ 13 million, to Uzbekistan - $ 6 million, to Azerbaijan - $ 5 million, to the EU - $ 2 million.

Deliveries of meat and dairy products to other countries amounted to $ 113 million.

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На прошлой неделе The DairyNews публиковало свежие данные доклада ФАО о развитии молочного рынка производство молока. Из доклада следует, что производство молока в мире будет расти примерно на 1,7% в год вплоть до 2030 года.
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