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"Russian dairy company" (joint venture with Singapore Olam Int.), a leading milk producer in Penza region and one of the largest in the country, brought a batch of 1040 head of cattle to their dairy complexes. 700 heifers aged 7 – 10 months and 340 pregnant heifers of Holstein breed with a pregnancy period of 4 to 6 months arrived in Penza region from Denmark and Germany. This is the first of four deliveries. In total, by the end of the year the company plans to deliver more than 2000 animals.

Currently, animals are placed on a 30-day quarantine during which they will undergo all the necessary veterinary-sanitary procedures.

We will remind that "Rusmolko" is one of the largest producers of raw milk in the country. Gross milk yield at the end of 2018 reached 85 thousand tons; the population of cattle at the end of the year was 20.5 thousand heads.

“Russian dairy company” (“Rusmolko”) is one of the largest milk producers in the Russian Federation and it has been implementing a joint investment program with Singapore company Olam International since 2012. As part of the long-term investment strategy, “Rusmolko” is developing three business areas simultaneously – dairy farming, crop production and seed production. The production facilities of the company are located in Penza region.

Gross milk yield at the end of 2018 amounted to 85 thousand tons, the number of cattle at the end of the year increased to 20 463 heads.

Under the management of the company there is 156 235 hectares of land, which allows to fully provide the growing livestock with its own forages. In 2018, there was harvested 55 thousand tons of haylage, 71 thousand tons of silage, 14 thousand tons of cornage. In addition, 87 thousand tons of grain and leguminous crops were harvested with an average yield of 37 centners per hectare. The gross harvest of sugar beet amounted to 100 thousand tons, industrial crops - 23 thousand tons.

Since 2017, “Russian dairy company” has been developing a new area – seed production. Seed production arose in connection with the need to provide the farms of the holding with quality seed. At the moment "Rusmolko" enters the market as a producer and supplier of seeds of various crops. “Rusmolko” invested 300 million rubles in the development of the new area. In 2018, as part of the development of seed production, “Rusmolko” prepared 12.6 thousand tons of seed for sowing within the holding and for sale.

The total volume of investments of “Rusmolko” in the region's economy exceeded 16 billion rubles. The company employs more than 1,200 people. Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Rusmolko” is Naum Babayev, CEO is Sumanta Kumar De.

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