"Rusmolko" began construction of a dairy complex worth 4.5 billion rubles

Источник: The DairyNews
"Rusmolko" began construction of the largest dairy complex of a full cycle in Russia. The total investment into the project is 4.5 billion rubles. This was reported to The DairyNews in the press service of the Rosselkhozbank.

The project is planned to be implemented in the next three years. The company will introduce the first stage of the complex in the 4th quarter of 2019; the second stage will be launched in the 4th quarter of 2020. In the first stage, there will be built facilities for 2500 cows, in the second stage it is planned to expand to 5200 cows with a total number of cattle 10400 animals.

All facilities are planned to be equipped with modern equipment, including two rotary milking parlors "Carousel" for 80 cows each, which will allow to milk up to 1100 cows per hour. The new complex will allow "Rusmolko" to double daily milk yield from today's 255 to 436 tons and to reach the gross yield of 160 thousand tons of milk per year.

"There are more and more examples of "smart" agriculture in the country. The evolution of technology today allows you to control the full cycle of cattle breeding through electronic systems that transmit and process the parameters of each object. The future complex is a vivid example of effective use of innovations in agriculture. As a key financial partner of the company "Rusmolko", the Rosselkhozbank with optimism supported the construction of the high-tech complex, where among other things special attention is paid to the care for the environment", — said the First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Rosselkhozbank Irina Zhachkina.

"The commissioning of the new dairy complex of "Rusmolko" will be a significant event not only for Penza region, but also for the entire dairy industry of Russia, — said the General Director of "Rusmolko" Sumanta Kumar De. — This will create hundreds of new jobs, give impetus to the development of related industries, including the production of concentrated feed, the development of genetics, the production of cheese and high-quality breast milk substitutes, and will play a significant role in the development of rural areas of the Volga Federal district".

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that Olam has bought back the share of Naum Babaev in "Rusmolko".

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