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"The changes are introduced in the Rules for the sale of certain types of goods, approved by the government of the Russian Federation of 19.01.1998 year № 55, according to which the Rules are supplemented by a new requirement: "In the sales area or other place of sale the placement (layout) of dairy products, dairy component products and milk-containing products should be carried out in a way that allows visually separate these products from other foods, and be accompanied by an information inscription "Products without a substitute for milk fat"", - said the head of the regional Department Vladimir Posazhennikov.

He added that the innovation will take effect since July 1, 2019, and it is designed to help consumers choose products through additional visualization of separate placement of dairy products depending on their types and composition.

"Types of dairy products that correspond to the definitions of "a dairy product", "a dairy component product" and "a milk-containing product", mentioned in the technical regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of milk and dairy products" (TR CU 033/2013), will be grouped in such a way that their local placement excludes mixing, primarily with those types of dairy products that relate to "milk - containing products with a substitute for milk fat", the definition and types of which are also specified in TR CU 033/2013", - explained Posazhennikov.

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Российские переработчики молока уходят в минус

Крупнейшие российские производители молочной продукции работают в минус. Динамика ключевых производителей показывает отрицательный результат как в натуральном выражении, так и в денежном. Об этом со ссылкой на данные международных аналитических агентств сообщили в ходе Молочного бизнес-форума в Сочи, пишет The DairyNews.
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