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"We purchased this site about two years ago. Many factors influenced the purchase of the site in Germany, but in general, we saw that there are high-quality innovative technologies used in the market in terms of project implementation. We decided that such goods would be interesting for our buyer, - said Vladimir Chapaikin, General Director of "Rosmol". – At present there are classic types of products on the market - pasteurized milk with high pasteurization temperature, milk with extended shelf life (UHT). And we are happy that our new technology is working well, we are happy with the result that we received at the time of launch". 

According to the source of The DairyNews, the processing capacity of the group's plant in Germany is 150 tons per day. The largest plant of "Rosmol" is Sterlitamaksky dairy plant with average yearly processing capacity of 450 tons of milk per day.

According to Vladimir Chapaikin sold brands differ in their functionality: the normalized milk is available under the brand name "Pervy vkus (First taste)", not normalized milk, produced without the process of separation - under the brand Traditions Molkerei Marburg. Milk fat content is 3.4-3.8%, shelf life - 21 days.

Currently, the product is just entering the market, and production volumes are relatively small. But at the moment milk FrischeMilch can be purchased in four subsidiaries of GC "Russkoye moloko": Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Novouralsk and Sterlitamak dairy plants.

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