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10 types of dairy products classified according to the code of the Common customs tariff of the EAEU are subject to labeling. Among them: milk, cream, condensed milk, yogurt, kefir, whey, butter, ice cream, cheese and cottage cheese.

The system works as follows: the manufacturer or importer applies a protected digital code to the product, which is issued by the operator of the experiment. It can be scanned when checking the goods, as well as when it is received at the warehouse and sold in the store. With the help of the code, you can track the entire path of the product from the plant or the border of Russia to the end user.

Organization and coordination of the experiment becomes the responsibility of eight departments: Ministry of industry and trade, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of communications, Rosselkhoznadzor, Rospotrebnadzor, Federal tax service and customs service, as well as the Federal Security Service.

The operator of the information system, which will provide labeling, is LLC "Operator- Center for advanced technology development". The same company, we note, also supervises the labeling of other products: tobacco products, medicines, furs, shoes and other things.

The experiment will last until February 29. As a result, it will be decided to what extent it is advisable to introduce mandatory labeling of dairy products.

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