Natalia Kholmanskaya will head PepsiCo raw milk procurement in Russia

Источник: The DairyNews
As it became known to The DairyNews, Natalia Kholmanskaya was appointed Senior director for raw milk procurement and Sustainable development of PepsiCo in Russia in April. The information was confirmed to the Agency in the press service of the holding.
Kirill Krivenkov, according to the source of the Agency, left the company at his own request.

As follows from the letter of the company Wimm-Bill-Dann (a structural division of PepsiCo engaged in milk processing), ‘one of the priorities for Natalia Khlomanskaya in the new position will be the implementation of a strategy for sustainable raw milk supplies, as well as improving the quality and efficiency of raw milk operations.’

Earlier, we wrote that PepsiCo announced its intention to implement sustainable farming practices on almost 3 million hectares used by the company's suppliers by 2030 as part of the PepsiCo+ project. Due to these measures, the company plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 3 million tons over 10 years.

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На прошлой неделе The DairyNews публиковало свежие данные доклада ФАО о развитии молочного рынка производство молока. Из доклада следует, что производство молока в мире будет расти примерно на 1,7% в год вплоть до 2030 года.
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