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Each region is unique - from the climate to the heads of regional agricultural departments. Each region follows its own culture of consumption and production of milk and dairy products.


In terms of milk production in the commodity sector (agricultural enterprises and peasant farm holdings) Bashkortostan takes the third place, Udmurtia – the fourth place, Kirov region – the eighth. At the same time, all regions have a high rate of marketability, and Kirov region produces huge volumes, being located in the zone of risky agriculture.

In the training of farmers Kirov region makes an important emphasis on the economy. 

- The farmer has to earn money, believes Minister of agriculture of Kirov region Alexey Kotlyachkov. 

It is in this region the Motor Rally “Way to milk!” started with the festival “Milk River”. There are many companies, which are united by a constant commitment to the quality and naturalness of products. The market of dairy products of Kirov region is highly competitive. At the same time, local enterprises have high customer loyalty.

According to the Russian Dairy Research Center (DIA) milk production potential in Kirov region is 2.9 million tons. 

The conference "Dairy industry of Kirov region" was held as part of the visit to the Kirovsky dairy plant.

- The largest population of cattle among the three regions is in Bashkortostan, the least - in Kirov region. However, the highest yields are in your region, said Mikhail Mishchenko, Director of DIA.

The average milk yield at Kirov enterprises is 7192, in Udmurtia - 5730, in Bashkiria — just above 3,300 kg/cow. At the same time, Kirov region continues to steadily increase the production of raw milk.

According to Deputy Chairman of the government, Minister of agriculture and food of Kirov region Alexey Kotlyachkov, it was possible to achieve such indicators due to the development of forage base and competent breeding.

- We motivate enterprises to increase productivity. This year we expect to increase milk yield to 7500 kg per cow. In this way we look up to Leningrad region — said the Deputy Chairman of the regional government.

Udmurtia started the Motor Rally with the business part - the conference “Challenges and prospects of the dairy industry of the Udmurt Republic”. Minister of agriculture and food of the Udmurt Republic Olga Abramova warmly welcomed all the participants. She presented an agrarian portrait of the region: agriculture is 8% of the regional gross product, 25 thousand people work in the industry and in general, 34% of the population live in rural areas. The dairy industry is also developing in accordance with its local "laws": it is historically leading, and today almost everyone is engaged in the production of milk, there are about 350 agricultural organizations and 700 private farms. As a result, Udmurtia is one of the few surplus regions of Russia, with an average annual consumption of milk and dairy products in the amount of 249 kg per capita, but it produces 500 kg per capita. "Our special pride is that 86% of gross milk production is produced by large farms, this means that the marketability of milk is guaranteed and traceable", the Minister said. Moreover, the goal defined by the Concept of development of the dairy industry adopted in 2018 is to achieve 1 million tons of milk by 2030 with a productivity of 9 thousand kg per cow. Key areas of development of the industry are already being implemented. So, last year the Ministry of agriculture of the Udmurt Republic, launched a pilot project on the identification of pedigree cattle, in total 90 378 thousand animals were tagged, that's 35% of the whole herd in the Republic, there was formed the accounting system. Now, an active work on creation of assistant service is carried out.

The crews of the Motor Rally “Way to milk!” were inspired and impressed by Bashkortostan. Motor Rally participants were met in all regions of the Republic on the way to the capital of the region - Ufa. The list of companies that received the Motor Rally participants included leaders of the market – Dairy plant Belebeevsky, Sterlitamaksky dairy plant, breeding plant of the Base, Ufa city dairy plant.

As Minister of agriculture of the Republic of Bashkortostan Ilshat Fazrakhmanov noted in the course of the business Breakfast at “the Dairy country", the region intends to become a leader in terms of milk production.

- Over the past six months, we have had a big growth in terms of investment, both statistically and in fact. If earlier we built barns for 200-400 cows, today we are building livestock compexes and mega farms for 2,800 cows. Milk production there is comparable to the work of 14 "Soviet" traditional farms. We create all conditions for business and investors, there is financial state support, - he told.

According to the Head of the regional Ministry of agriculture, last year the region produced 1.65 million tons of milk, including 765 thousand tons of marketable milk, and took the second place in Russia after Tatarstan. Of these, 1.2 million tons are processed.

Currently, nine large livestock farms are under construction in Bashkortostan. Also in 2019 the farms will purchase eight thousand heifers, due to this they will soon produce 74 thousand tons of milk.

Among the complexes under construction, there is the “EkoNiva” project, consisting of several farms. Active construction of the holding is carried out in the village Semeno-Makarovo.

The prospects for all three regions, which were visited by the participants of the Motor Rally “Way to milk!” in 2019 are huge. According to market participants, the investment climate is quite attractive and continues to develop. Perhaps in the next five years, these regions will account for the main growth of the industry.

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