Molvest acted as a partner for the expansion of LLC Suvorovo

Источник: The DairyNews
As it became known to The DairyNews from the data of the SPARK system, Vladimir Alexandrovich Pulin, who also heads the agricultural enterprise Novomarkovskoye, has become General director of Suvorovo enterprise in Tambov region, since February 2021.
Since 2012, the agricultural enterprise Novomarkovskoye has been owned by one of the largest processors in Russia – Molvest Holding.

LLC Suvorovo according to the latest open data has an area of the complex - 35 hectares, land area - 7300 hectares. The number of cows is about 2,200, the company produces about 60 tons of milk, some of which is sent for its own processing.

As the owner of LLC Suvorovo Oksana Muratkova noted, the enterprise is not planned to be sold.

‘Suvorovo is a strategic partner for the supply of high-quality raw milk to factories owned by Molvest Group, which also acted as a financial partner for the expansion and development of LLC Suvorovo, without entering into capital,’ said Oksana Muratkova in a comment to The DairyNews.

Representatives of Molvest could not be contacted at the time of publication.

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