Mishustin instructed to work with large retail chains on the problem of rising prices for products

Источник: tass.ru
Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin instructed the relevant ministries to monitor the situation with rising prices for products in retail and work on this issue with the largest retail chains. They should also prepare proposals for measures that will help stabilize the situation, said the Prime Minister at a Cabinet meeting on Thursday. He reminded that on Wednesday, the increase in prices for a number of products was discussed at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on economic issues.

‘I instruct the Ministers of agriculture, economic development, industry and trade to monitor the situation with the prices of products in retail, which the President spoke about. And work on this issue with the largest retail chains,’ ordered Mishustin. - Prepare proposals for additional measures that are necessary to stabilize the situation in the main commodity items.’

At the same time, the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers instructed the Federal tax service to monitor directly the situation with food prices on a weekly basis and report it at an operational meeting on Mondays.

‘The Minister of agriculture needs to hold negotiations with producers, involve the Federal Antimonopoly service and the Federal tax service in this work,’ he said. ‘I ask first Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov to take part in these negotiations.’

In addition, the Prime Minister instructed his assistant Igor Artemyev to ‘summarize all information from ministries and departments and, accordingly, prepare a weekly report.’

‘I ask Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Grigorenko to monitor the execution of all my instructions on these issues personally,’ the Prime Minister said.

Mishustin also addressed manufacturers, managers of retail chains and exporters.

‘It is not possible to cash in on people,’ he said. ‘In the current difficult situation, this is unacceptable.’

According to the Prime Minister, it is necessary to ‘take decisive measures and deal with pricing.’

On Thursday, at 17:00 Moscow time, he will hold a separate meeting on these issues.

‘I ask you to prepare for it and report on the situation, on specific proposals and measures to solve the problem,’ said the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

As for the instructions of the head of state, the Russian President on Wednesday demanded to prevent situations when the country's residents do not have enough money for food. He attributed the increase in the cost of food products, among other things, to an attempt to adjust domestic prices to the global situation and instructed to respond to the negative dynamics in a timely manner.

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