Milk prices in Russia may rise, but not critically - the Ombudsman's forecast

Источник: The DairyNews
It cannot be excluded that in 2021, milk in the Russian Federation may rise in price. This was stated to the correspondent of IA REGNUM on January 29 by Ombudsman for issues related to the elimination of violations of the rights of agricultural producers - small businesses, Vladimir Plotnikov.

‘In 2020, the increase in prices for dairy products was about 4% and was below the level of food inflation, which was almost 5%,’ Plotnikov said. ‘At the same time, the cost of milk production increased by 15%, and the cost of processing increased by 5-7%, depending on the product category. The costs of producers have increased: the cost of feed and utilities has increased, the weakening of the ruble and the existing restrictive measures have affected the price changes. The increase in product prices did not cover the costs incurred by the business, and in this regard, a number of enterprises faced certain difficulties. Therefore, in 2021, an increase in the price cannot be excluded, but it will not be critical.’

As Plotnikov emphasized, the enterprises of the industry should provide justifications for price changes.

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