Milk interventions can begin in May

Purchasing interventions on the milk market can begin in May 2017, the final decision will be made in March, has declared the Deputy Director of Department of regulation of agricultural markets of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitriy Fedyushin to “Interfax”.
"We plan to start (carrying out milk interventions - Interfax) this year. It is planned to hold milk interventions in the season of "high" milk, that is in May, June, July and August - during this period," said Fedyushin to the Agency on the sidelines of the South grain forum which took place on Tuesday in Stavropol.

"In March the order of the Ministry of agriculture is going to be prepared where the prices for raw and dry milk, and butter. (. . .) will be defined. We will analyze the situation on the market now, because there are prerequisites to the fact that milk prices are rising, and (in March - Interfax) the position of the Ministry of agriculture on the beginning of milk interventions in 2017 will be determined," added Fedyushin. Thus, answering the Agency's question on whether the Ministry is able to abandon milk interventions in the current year, Fedyushin said "we still plan to hold them, at least the budget provides funds for their implementation".

He said that interventions did not begin last year because of the fact that in the Russian legislation "there are small gaps that prevent processors of raw milk from participation in interventions".

"Now only agricultural producers can participate in the interventions. Not all producers of raw milk have the capacity for drying milk or for production of butter," said Fedyushin.

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