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The Center for advanced technology development during 15 years intends to invest 220 billion rubles in the creation of a system of labeling of goods. Earlier, The DairyNews reported that in the near future there will begin an experiment on the labeling of finished dairy products.

41.6 billion rubles of “EkoNiva” into Ryazan region

An additional agreement was signed between the government of Ryazan region and “OKA Moloko” (part of the “EkoNiva” group), which provides for the creation of two more livestock complexes, the construction of a complex for the reception, cleaning and drying of grain, a feed mill, a milk processing plant, and the construction of residential buildings for employees. The volume of investments has increased by 27.3 billion rubles and will amount to 41.6 billion rubles.

36 billion rubles into Moscow region

Also, the owner of "EkoNiva" Stefan Duerr signed an agreement with the government of Moscow region on the construction of a plant for the production of soft cheeses, cottage cheese and dairy products in Stupino.

As it is stated in the company, according to the signed agreement, the total investment in the project will amount to 36 billion rubles.  To provide the enterprise with milk, two livestock complexes will also be built with a total investment of about 6 billion rubles.

According to Stefan Duerr, the agreement on one of the largest milk processing plants in Russia - for 2 thousand tons - will be signed within the framework of the project in Moscow region.


8.5 billion rubles of “Kabosh" into Smolensk region

The authorities of Smolensk region attracted a large dairy investor from Pskov region. GC “Kabosh" - producer and processor of raw milk - signed an agreement with the authorities of Smolensk region for 8.5 billion rubles.

The Agreement signed within the framework of the Forum provides for the construction of modern dairy complexes, designed for about 4.3 thousand heads of cattle each. Under the terms of the Agreement the total milk production will exceed 300 tons per day.

We will remind that “Kabosh" is not only an agricultural producer, owner of dairy farms and vegetable greenhouses, but also a processor - Velikoluksky dairy plant produces cheeses.

2.4 billion rubles in re-equipment and local treatment facilities of "KOMOS"

A tripartite agreement between the government of the Udmurt Republic, group of companies “KOMOS" and the Rosselkhozbank said that the company with the support of Rosselkhozbank intended to invest 2.4 billion rubles in the development of platforms of “Kezsky cheese factory", Glazov-moloko, Izhmoloko, Sarapul-Moloko.

Today the holding unites 17 agricultural and processing enterprises of the Udmurt Republic, the Republics of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, as well as Perm region.

According to the company, after the reconstruction of LLC "Kazansky dairy plant" KOMOS in terms of processing of raw milk will enter the top 3 Russian processors. The company also announced its intention to become the number one in milk processing in Russia.


500 million and 240 million rubles into Tula region

LLC “Znamenskoye" in Tula region will build a modern dairy farm for 500 million rubles. The investment project involves the construction of a complex for 500 milking cows with an increase to 1200 cows.

Besides, first Deputy Governor of Tula region Vyacheslav Fedorishchev, General Director of LLC  "GEA farm technologies Rus" Roderich Oliver Cescotti and Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Plastic" Maxim Kizimov signed a tripartite agreement on the implementation of the project "A plant for the production of detergents and hygienic products for dairy cattle with the capacity of 10 thousand tons per year". The investment amount is 240 million rubles. Opening of production is planned in the second half of 2019.

Another 1 billion rubles into Moscow region

It will be invested by “Breeding enterprise “Emelyanovka" - a farm for 1440 cows is expected to be built in Ozery.


The Ministry of agriculture said that there will be no postponement of the introduction of EVC for finished dairy products. The head of the Ministry Dmitry Patrushev said: "I think that there are no prerequisites for postponing the introduction of finished dairy products into the “Mercury” system.

"Part of the products, including unpackaged - milk, fermented dairy products, will be included (into the “Mercury” system) since July 1, the remaining part of the products will be included since November 1", he reminded.

During the forum, it became known that the company - manufacturer of dairy products "Galaktika" will be the first in Russia to supply goods with digital labelling "Honest mark" to retail chains. The agreement was concluded with the Center for the development of advanced technologies (CDAT). "The CDAT will allocate the necessary resources to create a software development group that combines the system of digital labelling "Honest sign" and the system "Check", launched earlier by the dairy manufacturer, after which "Galaktika" will start production of products with digital codes, carry out their logistics and supply to retail chains", reported the press service of the operator.

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