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Any export project in the new market is a big business risk. Innovative ideas are very important and they need to be tied to the markets where we must sell. These should be developing countries, countries in Asia and Africa, where consumer preferences are less stable, - said Mikhail Lyasko.

Irina Bakhtina, Vice President on sustainable business development and corporate relations of Unilever NAMET RUB participating in the discussion noted that China and the US are often confident in the quality of Russian products. According to her there is the perception of Siberia, clean, environmental products in the world.

Sergey Lebedev, Director on relations with government agencies of Alibaba Russia stressed that "consumer do not look at the country signs, they are looking for quality. The approach to promotion should be comprehensive and Russia's reputation should develop as a whole".

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Маркировка должна быть добровольной

Сегодня представители молочной отрасли отошли от эмоций в вопросе внедрения обязательной регистрации в системе “Честный знак" и имеют четкое обоснование тому, почему маркировка молочной продукции невыгодна отрасли, потребителю и сомнительна государству.
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