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"We will provide state support to investment projects for the deep processing of agricultural products in our country - this is obvious - in order to change the structure of exports in favor of finished products, not raw materials", said Medvedev at a meeting on stimulating the export of agricultural products on Monday.

He noted that this course, which is strategic in the economy as a whole, is also applicable to the agricultural sector and the food industry.

"Our work on grain crops has already begun in this direction, it is necessary to accelerate it on fish, seafood. Now, let me remind you, 90% of the catch is simply frozen before being sent for export. We understand that in order to encourage entrepreneurs to build fish processing plants, to build new vessels, it is necessary to make certain decisions", the Prime Minister added.

He specified that such decisions have already been made; in particular, the system of distribution of quotas for catch has been changed. "As a result, we expect to increase the share of fish products with high added value to 40%", explained the Head of the government.

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Маркировка должна быть добровольной

Сегодня представители молочной отрасли отошли от эмоций в вопросе внедрения обязательной регистрации в системе “Честный знак" и имеют четкое обоснование тому, почему маркировка молочной продукции невыгодна отрасли, потребителю и сомнительна государству.
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