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The vice chairmen will be Riccardo Cavanna from Cavanna and Roberto Paltrinieri from Tetra Pak. Luciano Sottile from Goglio, a member of the Board of Directors and Vice Chairman for the four-year period 2016-2020, has been assigned responsibility for promotional and exhibition activities.

Gentili will be elected during the Annual Members’ Meeting in July and his agenda will be presented, thereby officially sealing the handover from current Chairman Enrico Aureli, CEO of Robopac and OCME.

The appointments were agreed during the Board of Directors’ meeting on 18 June, where it was decided that in order to give equal representation to the two candidates who both enjoyed strong support amongst members, they will each take turns as Chairmen during this term of office. This arrangement reflects the value of the programmes presented and will send out a message of cohesion and common purpose regarding the development goals of Ucima and the sector it represents.

“In recent years Ucima has acquired great international authority and credibility and has become the main point of reference for everyone working in our sector,” says Matteo Gentili. “We have developed new projects and expanded our services. I intend to continue in this direction by providing services and tools that are increasingly focused on supporting and growing our companies.”

Matteo Gentili, 58, is chairman of TMC (Tissue Machinery Company), a company based in Castel Guelfo (Bologna) that produces and markets automatic machines for the packaging and management of Tissue and Personal Care products. In 2018 the company joined the IMA Group.


Молочные канатоходцы: как найти баланс

Принцип канатоходца требует балансирования и уравновешивания: даже в пандемию можно найти плюсы и минусы, которые позволят не только оставаться на производственной трапеции, но идти вперед. The DairyNews поговорило с компаниями-поставщиками решений для молочной отрасли и узнало их видение текущей ситуации на рынке, прогнозы и сделало выводы.
Фламиго-М, ООО
Адрес:  Курганская обл., г. Курган, ул. Некрасова, д. 22 офис 210 
Якутский скот, ГКП
Адрес:  Саха /Якутия/ респ., г. Якутск, ул. Орджоникидзе, д. 20 
Балтымское СХП, ООО
Адрес:  Свердловская обл., г. Верхняя Пышма, пос. Зеленый Бор 
Милаша, КФХ
Адрес:  Иркутская обл., Иркутский район, с. Хомутово, ул. Колхозная, 135/1