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"Trade unions are forced to hold regular protests due to the fact that the management of “Nestlé” refuses to go to any negotiations." – said the Deputy Chairman of the Union of agricultural workers of the Russian Federation Galina Yurova during a press conference in support of dismissed employees. 

Among the main claims of the Union and employees of the company that they were not notified of the dismissal, as well as non-payment of monetary compensation to employees who, in their opinion, were fired illegally.

Earlier, the press service of the company reported that all statements about illegal dismissal do not correspond to reality, and that Nestle "informed employees in advance of the upcoming changes".

Nevertheless, the Trade Union insists on negotiations, increasing its activity. "We have already held 3 meetings with Nestle, which cannot be called negotiations. It is rather, an exchange of views that led to nothing. We have planned pickets this week, they will also be held next week, they will be held in many cities of Russia". – reports the Chairman of the trade union "Nestle – Chernozemye" Dmitry Isarevich, especially for The DairyNews.

According to Isarevich, at the moment the issue of about 80 former employees of the company has not been resolved. "At the same time, there are about 300 people who suffered. The others were simply tricked into signing the documents, they left. Of the remaining 120 people, about 40 people received 6 salaries of monetary compensation, they were satisfied with that. Apparently, they managed to find work for those 2 weeks at the end of May".

Earlier, employees of the Perm branch of Nestle were subjected to large staff reduction after the closure of the soufflé "Ruzanna" production line in 2015. Then about a thousand people got laid off.

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