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The initiative is aimed at supporting socially vulnerable groups of buyers during the difficult epidemiological situation in the country. Each retail chain will determine the list of essential food products in the "first price" segment, which will be offered to customers without a trade margin at the price of their purchase from manufacturers.

The leaders of the Russian retail market are counting on support from manufacturers and suppliers, whose constructive position will enhance the effect of this initiative. “Magnit” and X5 Retail Group invite all retail companies of any format to join the initiative.

"Many of our customers, especially low-income ones, found themselves in a rather difficult situation today. We believe it is important to support them and allow them to minimize their expenses on essential food", said Jan Dunning, President and CEO of “Magnit” retail chain.

"The current situation encourages us to take special measures to support customers. "First-price" goods are vital for socially vulnerable groups of the population, which we must take care of first. We hope that our joint initiative will find a response among our suppliers and wholesale prices for these products will also be minimal", said Igor Shekhterman, CEO of X5 Retail Group.

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Что пророчат КФХ?

Минсельхоз не исключает снижения объемов выпуска продукции фермерских хозяйств в России в 2020 г. в связи с пандемией коронавируса. При том, что динамика прироста производства была наиболее высокой последние годы именно в секторе КФХ и ИП, самоизоляция и ее последствия привели к проблемам со сбытом в первую очередь у малых хозяйств.
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Киргизстан, МСП
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