Müller moves into skyr

Источник: dairyreporter.com
UK dairy company Müller has launched its first skyr product, Müller Corner Icelandic Style Skyr.

With the skyr market continuing to grow, according to Nielsen, the dairy company said it is confident that by focusing on taste, its product will prove successful. It will be available in three variants: Icelandic Style Skyr with raspberry and hazelnut granola, nuts and chocolate coated balls granola and banana and almond granola.

The product contains 13g of protein, is available as a single pot (180g), with an RRP of £1.50 ($1.88) and it will be available in retailers Morrisons and Co-op in June, and Tesco, Asda and Waitrose in July.

Michael Inpong, strategy and marketing director at Müller Yogurt & Desserts, said, “Demand for skyr products continues to grow and we know that taste is by far the most important factor when choosing yogurts.

“We’ve already seen with the success of Müller Corner Creations that formats like split-pots can deliver growth if the idea is strong enough. So we’re excited to introduce a new generation of Müller Corner to the established split pot market. This is a revolutionary moment for Müller Corner, so we’re backing it with a huge multimillion pound marketing campaign.”

Source: https://www.dairyreporter.com/Article/2020/06/04/Mueller-moves-into-skyr

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