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The project is expected to be implemented in Kashin municipal district. Governor Igor Rudenya, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Novolipetsk steel mill" Vladimir Lisin, General Director of "Rumelko-Agro" Valery Nekhaev, head of Kashin municipal district German Balandin signed the document.

Issues related to the implementation of the project became the main topic of the meeting between Igor Rudenya and Vladimir Lisin, which took place before the signing of the agreement.

"This is the largest investment project in the field of agriculture in Tver region in recent years. Our region will participate and actively contribute to the implementation of plans for the development of dairy farming. Milk production, as well as milk processing, creation of products with high added value are provided. President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin spoke about it. The complex project involves the creation of about 700 jobs in Tver region, as well as the development of infrastructure", said Igor Rudenya to the media following the signing of the agreement.

The planned volume of investments in the project in 2020-2022 will be up to 18 billion rubles. 

"The first stage of implementation - the creation of three complexes for 3.5 thousand cows each, as well as a milk processing plant – is, first of all, the production of cheese. Next year it is planned to finish the construction of the first farm, in spring the first animals will be delivered. There are plans to develop further", said Vladimir Lisin. 

The second stage involves the opening of farms in the villages Burmakino and Rozhdestveno, the third - the construction of a dairy plant with commissioning in 2022.

It is also planned to develop housing construction and social infrastructure on the territory of Kashin city district.

Igor Rudenya stressed that the region is ready to assist in the repair of roads, bridges and gasification. According to preliminary estimates, the support will amount to 1 billion 965 million rubles, including 610 million rubles from the regional budget. It is planned to supply about 40 km of gas pipeline, more than 10 km of roads and repair the bridge across the Kashinka river.

Within the framework of the educational cluster in the agricultural colleges of the region and the agricultural Academy, it is planned to train specialists who will work at new enterprises.

The implementation of the project of the company "Rumelko-Agro" will increase milk production in the region by 40%; will contribute to the implementation of the order of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to create a brand of domestic clean, "green" products.

LLC "Rumelko-Agro" registered in Tver region in 2005, is located in the village Maslyatka of Kashin municipal district. In 2019, the acreage of the enterprise amounted to 12.2 thousand hectares, including 10.7 thousand hectares of fodder crops, 1.5 thousand hectares of grain.

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Гильотиной не по молоку

Реформа контрольно-надзорной деятельности, которую неофициально называют «регуляторной гильотиной», наделала немало шума. Ее суть весьма проста – с 1 января 2020 года будут упразднены более 20 тысяч устаревших правовых актов, некоторые из которых действуют еще со времен СССР. По словам премьер-министра Дмитрия Медведева, эти документы «вредят развитию страны и тормозят экономику». The DairyNews выясняло как относятся к инициативе участники молочной отрасли.
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