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Earlier, we published the results of the meeting in the Ministry of agriculture on the adoption of the second package of amendments to the technical regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of milk and dairy products". The discussion also touched upon baby food: it was proposed to increase the concentration of vitamin D in the food of early age.

"We continue to insist that it is dangerous to increase the concentration of vitamins, it is an extra chemistry that leads to allergization of the child. The decision on taking vitamins should remain the prerogative of the doctor, not of the dairy plant. Doctors should decide how much vitamins and minerals the food of the «average» child must contain. They are trying to prove otherwise to us, involving the Institute of nutrition. We strongly disagree with this", said Larisa Abdullayeva.

The draft amendments to the technical regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of milk and dairy products" have already been partially coordinated with the EAEU countries. There were made some comments on this draft, and this time the Ministry of agriculture convened a meeting where the Russian party was represented. It was represented by Soyuzmoloko, Oil and Fat Union and 2 Dairy Institutes.

"It is very strange that the Dairy Union of Russia was not invited – I was able to take part in the meeting of the Technical Committee TC 470/MTK 532. This is the structure of the Rosstandart and we are traditionally present at all discussions in the field of technical regulation of the dairy industry", said Larisa Abdullayeva.

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Антибиотики и молоко

Тема контроля остаточных лекарственных средств в молочной продукции всегда была актуальной. На недавном заседании отраслевого технического комитета (ТК 470), представитель компании Danone Юлия Елисеева озвучила предложение об объединении всех существующих методик определения антибиотиков в молоке в единый ГОСТ.
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